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Google SEO

SEO is essentially ranking your website on Google in a strong enough position to attract new customers.

At HappyWeb we have over 14 years experience ranking our clients websites organically in Google and driving incredible business growth.

We do SEO differently to what you’ve probably experienced. Our main difference is that we don’t focus on keyword rankings we focus on results, and understand there is no cutting corners just plain hard work.

Google SEO

Why page optimisation is so important.

We have a number of SEO tactics at our disposal however we focus our efforts on the tactics that work best in your particular industry, and based on proven success.

As part of the SEO Audit, we identify areas of opportunity on your website where your competitors have an advantage over you. It might be that they have a blog they publish regularly.

It might be that they have a different page for each keyword they’re targeting. Whatever it is, we work with you to close up the gap.

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Performance SEO: What is it?

The biggest difference you'll find between HappyWeb and others is our relentless approach to maximising the conversions you receive from your SEO investment with us.

You’ll receive monthly reports on the performance of your SEO strategy and the activity we’ve implemented for you. You’ll also receive monthly reports on where each of your target keywords are ranking across all major search engines (even though we really only care about Google).

If the first thing someone says you to about SEO is Google page 1, walk away.

Successful SEO is about results, not rankings. The last thing we talk about with our SEO clients is rankings.
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We've had over 14 years experience in SEO, both locally and national campaigns. If you want to have a serious conversation without the BS about SEO. Fill in the form below or contact us on 1300 932 691.

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