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about Happyweb

Hello. We’re HappyWeb, A Web
agency passionate about the internet.

No-nonsense is our promise, not our catchphrase.
There’s no mystery to what we do

We only take projects when we’re confident they’ll earn you an ROI worth more than your investment. That’s just good business. It’s lean, ROI-focused online marketing without any of the fluff.

We want awesome clients. You want awesome results. We both want to work with someone who’s the right fit.

Why we're different.

Relentless pursuit of our clients success


Over 14 years web experience here in Australia


Passionate about building long term results

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We'll put in the hard work
and journey with you to the top.

Winning in business is tough. We've gone to the top before with our clients and happy to journey with all our clients on their way to success.

The internet is a rapidly changing medium and requires experience, understanding and pure hard work to succeed. We’ve been delivering successful web solutions for 14 years.

To succeed online you need
partners who have gone to the top.

We've been operating for over 13 years partnering with clients to achieve real results.
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We don't take on every project opportunity that presents itself. We first need to understand if we'll be a good fit, and in order to do that we want to talk with you about you.

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